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Default Re: XVideo Issues, also, does 1080i/p/780i/p output work?

Originally Posted by d13f00l
When I use mplayer -vo xv with high def video, for some reason, it jitters fairly often. My CPU usage usually hovers around 60% playing 1280x720 h264 it's not that...

-vo gl -dr and -vo x11 and -vo sdl are all fine.

Does anyone else experience this? It's annoying!

Also, I'm thinking about buying a rear projection HDTV, something 60 inches or bigger. Can the linux nvidia driver output in 1080i/p/720i/p fine? Do I just need to add a modeline and manually add it to the monitor's modes?

Will a DVI to HDMI conversion cable work? It shouldn't lose image quality, it's all digital, right? It won't fall back to a lower resolution either inside the TV due to some DRM or strange security "feature", right?

My system is an athlon xp tbred b., 1.8ghz, 1g pc3200 ram, AGP 8x 6200A video card
8183 is the most recent release that works for me without the jitters.
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