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Originally posted by Deathlike2
I did mention about quality and performance setting in Rivatuner (which it looks like you have deleted).. and frankly I'd use performance judging by the performance associated with it.
right, and I think it has been substantiated here(and by comments others have made) that performance aniso looks exactly the same as quality aniso- use it!

I also said something about the slider.. the further left would decrease performance.. though, I didn't say was that it in theory, it should improve IQ

I'll never use aggessive mode though...
Aggressive/Performance is no faster than Balanced/Quality- as shown.

Balanced/Quality looks no different from Aggressive/Performance, and the fact that scores are virtually the same between the modes further corroborates that.

some further testing needs to be done with Application, though. I'll take some screenshots in different D3D games to prove this, but right now i'm more interested in getting benchmarks, to see if Application decreases scores in other D3D titles. not too easy a task, unfortunately.

I'm still wondering what are the best setttings for my GF3... application-2x aniso (performance aniso via rivatuner) or quality-2x aniso... I'm not really one to pay attention to jaggies too much (unless its rather obvious)
they look exactly the same, use performance! BTW, aniso has nothing to do with jaggies.
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