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Default Re: XVideo Issues, also, does 1080i/p/780i/p output work?

Originally Posted by d13f00l
Will a DVI to HDMI conversion cable work? It shouldn't lose image quality, it's all digital, right? It won't fall back to a lower resolution either inside the TV due to some DRM or strange security "feature", right?
"losing image quality" and "not all digital" are two unrelated things.
It is possible to get perfect image quality using analog RGB, getting it all digital is not going to bring you a visible difference especially for situations where you don't require 1:1 pixel mapping. (i.e. viewing movies, not displaying a computer desktop)

The content producers want equipment that decodes HD content to only output HD when there are only certified components involved, and the output is encrypted (HDCP). This means that a Linux system probably will not be able to display that content in HD, and that a normal DVI output with a DVI-to-HDMI cable does not necessarily satisfy the requirements.
(you will need a display card with HDCP support and an approved OS like Windows Vista)

But will that hold back mplayer from decoding and outputting it over DVI or VGA? We will only know when it has happened...
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