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Smile oh this thread...

the nvidiot Archmage's (i think that was him and what his username was) comments in the version 1.0 of this thread is what i thought was the most interesting and caused quite a commotion.

he said something like (and dont quote on this):

he wont be impressed with doom3 because even tho its visual quality will be a bit impressive its gameplay and game genre is nothing new and innovative and because of games and hype over doom3 many people will be "brainwashed" into thinking that these r the type games to play and not the entirely new and innovative games that r not fps, rts, rpg etc etc (he never gave an example of a new, innovative game genre or gameplay because he might be an aspiring game developer and dont wanna give away secrets of gaming innovations he has on his mind)

so he says (dont quote me hehe) to give new innovations in gameplay and game genre a chance and not only innovations in game graphics which is what doom3 may be mainly about

what i say:

i agree
but i still do care much for doom3

i need to try it out for myself before i say its not impressive or innovative
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