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Default 2d mmorpg in the making

Hey everyone im in the process of make an mmorpg of my own but its not fully complete still lots of work needing to be done it is a 2d environment so yea it'll have crappy graphics for now till someone or myself finds better tiles.heres a link to my ftp, sign on as "roamer" no password no caps, so hit enter, then another password will pop up hit enter again and you should see the download remember do not forget to read the text file or you wont be playing << if it doesnt work messege me

i know its not the best ass kicking mmorpg 3d and all that. I'm doing this for all of you and mmorpg fans so please no insults, thank you

Sorry that i do not have my on website so if you have msn or aim you can reach me for a screenshot of the town, aim=MHickman86

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