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Default From SRPMS to RPM...?


This is a newbie problem :-)

I would like to update my redhat 7.2.

I got to mirror site, and what I find under "update" title?

BTW what means that "Contribution" english is bad...;-)

Lots of updates in a "SRPMS" file...togeather as 850 Mt. Not so much updates in in i686 folder which refers to my processor type Pentium 4...right? There are some kernel updates instead. Probably something important, I think.

Now I see that they are rpm files...but some sort of .src.rpm files....which means that they are not actual RPM file which can be installed directly but only sources...right?

If I try to install them no update happens but instead of that they will be loaded to SRPMS folder...which probably means that something must be done before they are functional updates...right?

So...please tell how to proceed in this matter...or am I totally lost now? :-)

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