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Default Re: FC5 fail to load "nvsound.ko"

Lonni, no offense but you did not read my post at all. I'm having problems with nvsound.ko and kernel 2.6.12, NOT 2.6.16 OR NEWER. And my chipset is MCP51, NOT MCP55 OR NEWER! The thread you mentioned only reffers to kernels 2.6.16. or newer AND TO MCP55 chipsets OR LATER!! , so it does not help me at all. As far as that thread says, nvsound.ko is supported in kernel 2.6.12, as well as nvnet.ko, which actually works perfectly for me. So what I want is to make nvsound.ko work with kernel 2.6.12. Considering the lspci and lsmod listings in my post, is there anything you can think of that can be done for this?

Thank you
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