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Default Re: BFG GeForce 6800 OC 256 MB Video Card

I have the AGP card. I wish my system utilized the pci-express, but it doesn't. This is a compaq machine made by HP. It started out as a great buy but I have of course upgraded just about everything. The biggest drawbacks are that I can only put up to 2 Gigs of memory on the board and that it is AGP rather than pci-express. But this baby has a 2.4 Gig 64 bit processor and with that BFG vid card it runs super (oh, and by the way I am running Win XP Pro 64 Bit).
When I get time and (lots) more money, I am going to get myself a hot motherboard and go pci-express.
Oh, yeah, BFG sent me a brand new 6800 video card back. Like I said, I sent it overnight to them on Friday from North Carolina and ithe new one came to me on the following Monday evening. It really made me feel like an idiot in a sense because I have more than one computer and rather than using the other one I purchased a Radeon 9550 256Mb AGP card from Wal-Mart expecting it to be weeks before I got my 6800 back. Oh well, a friend of mine had his video go down so I gave him the 9550.

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