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Default Re: first display on twinview

I'm addressing this to zander and any other nVidia employees on the forum.

In reference to the comments that the current behaviour is expected of the driver, we are simply echoing our discontent with using hardware that behaves differently under one operating system to another. I don't personally think it is too much to expect the card to operate the same under both Windows and Linux.

We understand that this issue is being tracked by nVidia and is planned in a future driver update. Whilst it is great news to know that the problem has been taken on board, the amount of continued activity on this thread show how important this feature is to nVidia users.

What people are essentially asking for is to be kept in the loop on the scheduled implementation date of this feature. A driver was recently released at the end of Aug and the feature was not provided. Will this feature be in the next release or will it roll over to another? How often are driver updates released? This is the kind of information we ask for.

Please keep up in the loop.
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