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Thanks for the run down on these things, suexec.

Not to beat a dead horse, but i don't understand how it's in nVidia's interest to withhold specs for these things that let their product interface with third party hardware and/or broaden the utility of their product. After all they are implementations of pubicized standards.

The linux kernel developers are a competent bunch and their work wouldn't reflect badly on nVidia hardware, nor would those guys need nVidia driver writers to hold their hand every time there's a problem down the road.

Granted the linux world is small in comparison to that of Windows. Linux and linux guys do tend to be in some influential places tho. The analogy might be to the audience of the original Star Trek series. They were tiny in number compared to general viewership, but after the show was shut down the network realized that these were exactly the people who made public opinion and influenced spending habits.

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