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Default Re: Geforce4 TI 4800 SE with nvidia-glx-legacy 1.0.7174 crashs system under ubuntu 6.06

yeahbob, I've got basically the same card (Ti 4400) and the same problem.
It's not your system that crashes, it's just X, so if you hit alt+F2, you should be able to log on using console. From there you have to edit the xorg.conf and comment out the

Load "glx"

line. Exit your text editor and type "startx" and everything should run okay but without 3D acceleration, which kinda is the whole point with installing the driver in the first place :/

I've had this problem since Breezy 5.10, and would -REALLY- appreciate any help on this topic. All I know is that if you choose to reinstall the driver, you'll have 3D acc. until next reboot of your system.. :/ (and yeah, I've tried several different versions of the driver)
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