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Default Re: When rude people annoy the hell out of one

Originally Posted by UDawg
When is that going to be released?

Oh and Son, welcome to WoW.
Thx... Actually, I've been so busy leveling some guys, I haven't had as much time to post of late

In any case, a few other peculiarities I've run into...

- I can take my Paladin into Stonetalon Mountains, Desolase, or even the Barens, and most horde players that I run into there seem cool about it, and aren't first thinking "gank the sh** outa him" I've even had some horde members come up, and help me with quests/kills in stonetalon... Of course, I'm not on a PvP server now; however...

There are the few people who for instance want to raid Goldshire Someone in my guild actually ran into this lvl 22, who ran from him, and started ganking Goldshire. I mentioned something through guild chat, and the person was like "yeah, I saw this guy in Darkshore, was he? Yup, it was him" Ran up, and got him with his hunter only 1 lvl higher.

So the next thing one knew, a whole raide began on Goldshire, where one guild member with a lvl 60 paly, who's also got rank 10 or so was like "OK, that does it. Goldshire is being raided for real. What a stupid place to raid. At least kill where there's a challenge If anyone needs me..."

- When this person took my lvl 12 hunter down to Thunderbluff, to tame a rake, he waved at the guy, who then started yelling whatever in Orkish, made rude gestures, wanted to hostile, but he was 14, and the person taking me was 25 On the other hand, when we got to TB, there were others as polite as can be, faction be danged

Well, my elf hunter now has a really cool cat, for a companion...

- Now that my paly is lvl 31, I can't seem to go many places, without someone begging me for gold... Course I have my own skills, new blacksmithing recipees to buy and what not; but some figure I'm the bank now

In some ways I don't know if it's good or bad to have become so popular with my lvl... It means, getting parties (even for places I'm not heading, when I'm flying on a gryphon or hypagryph up above) requesting I join them... It also means that while trying to quest, I can have 20 people all whispering me at once for something or other...
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