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Originally posted by ChrisRay

Thats all fine and dandy for you, But alot of people who buy a Geforce 4 Ti 4400 or a Radeon 9500 Pro will not upgrade these cards for like 3-4 years, So yes its rellevent.
3-4 years?????
You do realize that the rate CPUs are getting faster 3-4 years means that your cPU is ancient. I think most people usually upgrade within 3 years and since grapohic cards that you are talking about (9500 & 5600) are mid level cards people will upgrade quicker owing to the fact that new games will require faster cards.

I myself upgrade video cards every year but I only buy mid level cards. I bought Radeon 7200 a year later (when 8500 was introduced) and bought 8500 when 9700 was introduced (both times I paid less than 100$ for a card that was selling for 399$ a year earlier.

Also your other comment about programmability I think u are forgetting something HLSL . It doesn't matter how "programmable " your gpu is running proprietry/own coding language if the only coding language people are going to use is a 3rd party language designed for a base minimum requirement defined by the said 3rd party. Why do u think nvidia is pushing for Cg?

Keeping in mind the point above a developer is going to code in HLSL or OGL (both of which are supported by "both" companies) except the implementation is different. R300 is said to run "non propritary" i.e. standard DX paths faster than nv30 so which one is better in you opinion now?

What good is a feature that is never used? ATI's TRUFORM and nv30s longer shaders/dynamic looping (maybe i am mistyping) etc look very good on paper but are they really worth paying extra for when they are not being used?
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