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No problems mason.

I had done some research before purchasing my nForce2 board (A7N8X Deluxe). I have pretty much most things working except for the agp. AGP is an open standard so I assumed it would be supported by agpgart. Only after purchasing it and playing with it did I realize this was not the case. I googled and realized even nforce1 didn't have support in agpgart. But then, with nforce1, one did not have a choice of not having integrated video.

I've emailed the agpgart maintainer and got a response back. I don't intend to quote him, but what he basically said was that he has tried to contact nVidia for specs, but his emails have been ignored.

After my runins with the nForce2, when some of my co-workers wanted to upgrade their systems, I steered them away from nForce2. As such, they are able to game since they bought KT333 boards instead.

If nVidia decides to continue to do nothing, it just means I plus people I have influence won't be buying nVidia.

People in the minority (especially those who choose to be so) usually are more vocal.
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