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Default Re: When rude people annoy the hell out of one

hehe, that one guy was just plain stupid I can almost gaurentee that as time moves by he'll have to play in contested lands, to progress his character any further. On my Paladin, and trying to grind Darnasus rep (I want a tiger mount), it's a must...

Not to mention the person just waved at him, while helping me get to/tame an elite cat for a pet, only found in Horde lands, showed up to him as a ? for lvl. He could have just as easily been lvl 60, as lvl 25, and this guy would never have known Besides, there are quests (like the lvl 20 lock quest) which sends people travelling. And that's not to mention, peeps can get sick of the same zone/site after awhile and want to go exploring some. One just needs to know/figure out how to get about...

Meh, I've got a friend who likes to start a lot of new chars; OK, except that I've grown rather tired of Ellowyn forest. Even though most of my guys are Night Elves, a trapse through Wetlands at lvl 1, so we can play together there. If he goes suggesting again that we might get more chars on other servers (though I really would like to get some guys up in lvls, for better items, and more of a chance to explore about some); I'm going to suggest they be Horde chars. If only so I don't have to keep doing the same low lvl quest yet again
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