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Originally posted by skipparoo
All I'm saying is, knowing that this is true, do you really want to still play games in a resolution that stretches the picture slightly? -Skippy
first of all we can asume that everyone has optimized there monitors by stretching the picture out to all corners so there is no black.

The picture might be stretched but how we view it it is shrunk being that is displayed on a crt monitor.

because it is resized to fit a monitor that was designed to display 640x480 and higher

but in a world where our monitor size is fixed unless of course you stretch the picture to where the ratio would be correct.

everything is relative it is all based on what res the pic was designed in the first place. if the developers are using 1280x1024 than that is how it was ment to be displayed. if they worked with 1280x960 or any other res based on the same math than that is how it was ment to be displayed.

Ratio that was intended was the width being 75% larger than the width.

1280*768 at this res it is 60% insted or 75% a diff of 15%
difference is 192 pixels
difference is 64 pixels
1280*1024 at this res it is 80% insted of 75% a diff of 5%

one inch is 72 pixels

5% of a difference is not too noticeable when it comes to most people, i wouldn't buy a video card that was 5% faster for 20% more dollars.

besides when it comes to things a cd was designed to only be 74 minutes that is spec the only reason burners can burn a 80min cd is because they built in a small % of deviation just incase the burner was not all to accurate. Same reason why they can be read.

its overclocking a monitor, how about that. displaying 64 more pixels length than were intended.

it looks ok to me but not on my 17" so i guess i need a new monitor. its not obviouslly an obnoctious incorret ratio like 1280*768. in fact many 19" monitors recommend that resolution.
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