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Default Re: GeForce 7950 GT and GeForce 7900 GS Launch!!

Originally Posted by stevemedes
Sig updated...

All games are running nicely with the exception of HL2 games (CS:S, EP1, etc)
Experiencing some weird slowdowns and bad stuttering.
Also, game autodetects hardware level DX to be 9 but sets software DX level to 0.0? Have to force DX9 through a command line to get it to work, but it stutters badly. DXDIAG shows no problems and 9.0 is installed.
Any thoughts?

All other games are fine though.
Not used to being able to run FEAR perfectly smooth 1280x1024 4xAA 8xAF
Did you get the latest drivers? I'm guessing you did. Maybe reinstall DX9?

The jump in FPS from my 7800GT to 7900GT was huge in FEAR so I know what you mean. Only thing I turn down is Soft Shadows.

Going SLI was even better, especially in Oblivion. The FPS in town and outside are now the same.Nice and smooth. Thats with everything maxed with texture mods at 1280x1024 with no ini tweaks.
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