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Default Toshiba 6100 NVidia GForce4 420 Go Black Screen

After much pain and web searching here is how I resolved the nvidia 3d patch:

First patch your system upto date using YAST check your kernel (uname -r)

Download the driver from nvidia.

Upack it it using

sh -x

Goto the folder


and edit the file


modify the lines:

NVreg_SoftEDID = 0;
NVreg_Mobile = 2;

go down to init 3

init 3

from the folder run:

nvidia-installer -q

Follow the instructioins then:

sax2 -r -m 0=nvidia

(must run -r otherwise you will end up with an 800x600 fussy screen)

This should give you the screen with black bar down the right hand side.

Modify the


under the screen section add:

Section "Screen"
Option "ExactModeTimingsDVI" "TRUE"
Option "ModeValidation" "DFP-0: NoEdidDFPMaxSizeCheck, NoVesaModes"

All things being equal that should do it.

Good luck I hope this helps.
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