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Default Geforce 6600 GT disaster

my MSI Geforce 6600GT (PCIe) has been giving problems recently. I've had this card for 2 years and have played games like Rome:Total War and World of Warcraft without any problems. However, I recently bought Half-Life 2 and while playing it for a few minutes, my screen just went blank and hung. I decided to first upgrade my nvidia driver (to version 8419). Some pple recommended turning AGP fastwrite off, which I did (via Rivatuner). Having done so, I tried to play Half-life 2 worked a bit better, but promptly hung again. After all this had failed, I figured it's probably got something to do with my power supply ... having no time to buy it on a weekday, I was actually intending to get one this weekend. Before I could do so, disaster struck.

After rebooting and restoring my default driver settings via Rivatuner again, I decided to try my other PC games, which I had no problems with in the past. Only to see this:

My graphics are screwed! The weird thing is that 2d graphics (such as desktop, internet) are ok...the gibberish occurs only when I start playing games that use video or 3d graphics. I've not overclocked my graphics card, so it couldn't have fried...although normal temperatures were a bit on the high side originally at 80+ degrees.

I'd appreciate whatever help you kind folks can're my specs:

AMD Athlon 64 3200+
MSI Geforce 6600GT
1 Gb RAM

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