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Default Optimal PAL Video Out

Having some issues perfecting the display of PAL video on both analogue and digital TVs. No matter what I try I always appear to get some traces of motion blur on the outputted video. For example watching the same video clip or DVD on a DVD player or VCR vs a PCs TV Out, there is always more issues with motion from the PC.

Video Hardware
Asus A8N-VM CSM Motherboard with Integrated TV Out and DVI or
Asus M2NPV-VM which also has component TV Out.
Discreet 6200 Class AGP 8x card.

Video out
720x576 using standard HD576i output mode over Composite
720x576 using standard HD576i output mode over SVIDEO
720x576 using standard HD576i output mode over Component
1280x720_50 using over VGA
1280x720_50 using over DVI->HDMI
1280x720 over Component (appears to be 60Hz)
1920x1080_50 over VGA
1920x1080_50 over DVI->HDMI
1920x1080 over Component (appears to be 60Hz)

Ubuntu Dapper or
Knoppmyth R5B7

First up are the general PAL/NTSC issues. It appears that the default 1080i and 720p Component modes are NTSC.

Next is no matter what the video source there is always motion blur. Currently trying the 1.0.8762 drivers.

Whats interesting is the blur is no where near as bad when playing NTSC material.

So my questions are
1. Are there any 50Hz modes for Component
2. Any options for X to tune the quality of the video out
3. Are the NVidia chips optimised for NTSC
4. Anyone also seen this with Windows XP? I have recently seen some PAL TV Demos with Windows MCE 2005 and they had many of the same issues.
5. Any suggestions on tweaks using nvidia-settings?

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