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Default Re: Optimal PAL Video Out

Further info. Done some digging with nvidia-settings --query and it appears the refresh rate is wrong

nvidia-settings -q RefreshRate

  Attribute 'RefreshRate' (mythtv:0.0, display device: TV-0): 5996.
    'RefreshRate' is an integer attribute.
    'RefreshRate' is a read-only attribute.
    'RefreshRate' is display device specific.
    'RefreshRate' can use the following target types: X Screen, GPU
My XF86Config-4 contains
    Option         "TVStandard" "HD576i"
    Option         "ConnectedMonitor" "TV"
    Option         "TVOutFormat" "COMPOSITE"
    Option         "NoLogo" "1"
so it appears that even though I specify a PAL output i'm getting an NTSC refresh rate.

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