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Default Re: Suspend/Hibernate - does it work for you?

hp zd7160us with nVidia Corporation NV34M [GeForce FX Go5200], 2 gig RAM. Ubuntu Edgy updated, 2.6.17-8-generic #2 SMP, 8774.

Suspends, doesn't resume - black screen hang with 100% CPU. Haven't tried hibernate. Many things tried: noacpi, agp=off, NvAGP=1, etc.

Resume has NEVER worked with the nvidia drivers on this machine. suspend and hibernate work fine with NO problems with the nv driver.

So when is Nvidia going to fix this??? Is anyone else as frustrated as I am??? I can't believe that this is such an intractable problem that they can't fix it.

If they can't, they should open the driver so the community can.

My $0.02.
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