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Default Re: 3DMark07 in September???

Originally Posted by Sem
it could be coming out

3dmark05 came out in Sept/Oct 04

and 3dmark06 is around 80% the same as 05
they could release a 07 now and then next year in march/april release a 08 version which will be probably 80% the same as 07 but with DX10 features
I don't know, seems like that would be a lot of "back-tracking" from a programming perspective. And as such, it seems that would be a waste of resources.

I'd be shocked if we saw a 3DMark07 this year, but ealry next year and shortly after Vista's release might be more reasonable. DX10 would be out, DX10 hardware would be out, Vista should be fully functional and atleast on par with XP's performance if not better, etc. Next year in the first or second quarter just seems more realistic and logical to me.

And who knows, this new version could even offer some 64-bit tests for the CPU, and multi-threaded tests for the CPU as well.
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