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Default Re: *** Official EverQuest II Screenshot thread ***

Originally Posted by MOTÖRHEAD
I agree it is the best MMORPG out there right now. That is beside the point though. Your system is not even close to matching mine and even I don't run in extreme graphic settings. A AMD 3000 XP CPU and 1.5 gigs is not enough for EQ2 at the very highest graphic settings and your video card means very little unless you play beyond 1600x1200 resolution as the game is very CPU bound with anything at our below that resolution. I'd like to see FRAPS video or pics with your fps being shown of your preformance in game in areas like Qeynos Harbor or East Freeport and during combat and in raid encounters.
I have no fraps video, sorry.
In qeynos harbor, my FPS are from 7 to 16. In combat like I said, it is around 7 with more than 4 players in group.
There are several tunning clues to get good result with Eq2.
1) set a reasonnable amount of ligth more than 5 is not good in place with lot of ligths as qeynos harbor or mage tower
2) set a reasonnable amount of specular ligth . the effect of reducing this value can be check on the dock of the thundering step (during sunny day). You will notice no very big visual differences when reducing this value but noticeable difference on performance.
3)reduce number of spell display by character is usefull to increase fps in big combat (as raid) : I keep 8 in samll group (less than 3 players) and put 1 or even 0 in raid (0 display only your spells effects)
4)Texture maximum with 256Mo of Vram, high with 128 mo of vram
5)the shadow... with my 7800gs I always set all shadows in high quality. 7800gs (which have the same gpu as 7900gt on my vcard) render them without a big loss of performances.
6)hardware : to have 2 HD on for the system and one for Eq2
7)hardware : to have an real hardware 3d sound acceleration , because this is very important and have a great effect in raid where a lot of sounds are rendered in the same time. (integrated chipset 3d sound (exception of the nforce2) are not totally hardware accelerated sound and make a cpu usage to render sound)
8)to set a raisonnable amount of simultaneous sound according your 3d sound card possibilities.

you want to see ingame screenshot : check here (click on the pictures to get full size 1280x1024)

I did these screenshots yesterday in a combat with my guildmate . And it was not slide show.

In fact all is a matter of tunning with Eq2 and you have to pass a lot of time tunning to get the best result it is possible to get.
The performances of the pc are also very important. I get less performance on my wife pc which chipset is a VIA and not a nforce2 as mine.

Before I was playing eq2 with the same pc but a 6600gt, I played almost with the same Eq2 settings but not all shadows activated and texture was high and not on maximum.

And to conclude , yes A AMD 3000 XP CPU and 1.5 gigs IS enough for EQ2 at the very highest graphic settings ,I verify this each day I play EQ2.

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