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Default Re: Nvidia Beta driver 1.0-9625

Originally Posted by smokalot
I just installed this driver using portage; I copied the 8774 ebuild and named it 9625, cut out two lines where there were patches, digested and emerged it, which seemed to have went fine.

It does give me two problems which make it unusable for me: no accelerated GLX, and I can't get it to display 1440x900, the native resolution of my TFT.

/var/log/Xorg.0.log says:
(WW) NVIDIA(0): No valid modes for "1440x900"; removing.

I didn't need to specify a modeline using 8774, and it doesn't help if I add one now, tried both
Modeline "1440x900" 97.54 1440 1472 1840 1872 900 919 927 946
Modeline "1440x900" 100.000 1440 1456 1464 1480 900 916 924 940 -hsync -vsync
Are you using DVI? I also have a TFT with a native resolution of 1440x900 and it works fine, but I'm using a vga connector. It's running on this modeline:

"1440x900" 136.75 1440 1536 1688 1936 900 903 909 942 -hsync +vsync
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