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Default geforce 6600 random system lock

I recently bought a Geforce 6600 AGP card and my system randomly locks up when using it. The card does not get very hot and is barely warm to the touch after playing doom3, it also does not seem to be a power related issue. I do not experience any graphical artifacts or other anomalies it just locks up the system at random times.

I am running a gentoo linux system with kernel 2.6.17, I do not have any other operating systems to test it with. My motherboard is a MSI K8T Neo2-FIR using the Via K8T800 Pro chipset. I have had no problems for a year or more with a geforce fx 5200 card. I have tried bios versions 3.3 and 9.3 and both experience the random lockups.

I have done everything I can think of to rectify the issue including: forcing 4x AGP, disabling fast writes, trying different and driver versions, booting with noapic irqpoll or acpi=off, trying NvAGP, trying different PSU connectors, removing all pci cards and unplugging non essential hdds and optical drives. However it always results in the same random system lock ups.

At one point I was able to ssh into the system after it had locked up and dmesg had reported something along the lines of "IRQ 209: nobody cared (try irqpoll)" and "disabling IRQ 209" however every other time the system locked up i was not able to access it from the network.

I would very much appreciate any help with this issue, thanks in advance.
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