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Default 7950 gx2 and benchmark issues..

hey guys,
for some reason when i run aquamark sometimes i'm getting 140k and sometimes i'm getting's random! the CPU mark is the same on all benchmarks..just the gfx benchmark changes..

I've tried reinstalling the driver (91.47) after perfectly uninstalling the prev. one (with drivercleaner).

I suspect that maybe both gpus don't work well together...i ran 3dmark06 few times and got 9.8K same marks for everything..

the card is overclocked to 600/750 pcie locked to 105mhz (tried without overclocking. still aquamark gives sometimes low results).

how can i be sure if it's aquamark related issue or card/drivers related issue?
also how can i know if both GPUs are running fine and not only one of them?

I am overlocking with coolbits, does it overclock Both gpus or only one of them?

my 3dmark05 score is 10.5K btw and FEAR test gives: 62/113/278 ..

Thank you and sorry for so many questions..
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