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Default Re: Office 2007 beta is out

Originally Posted by Zelda_fan
it's bloated and slow. That's why I'm willing to pay $300 for MS Office - fast and efficient.
I'd just like to chime in on this several months after the fact.

Openoffice 1 was UNBEARABLE regardless of the platform it was run on. It had that "I'm built on a Java template program" written all over it. Personally, I blame it on Java because of my hate for it...but it was just a very slow program.

OpenOffice 2 is a lot better and is a decent alternative if you can't pony up for Office. It's still significantly slower than Office, especially on a slower system. You can also install OpenOffice 2 on a thumb drive, which is pretty nice, but then its so slow that you may as well install MS Office on the machine.
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