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Default nVidia driver corrupts pcHDTV 3000 mpeg stream

I am running SuSE Linux 10.1 on an ASUS A8N Premium SLI motherboard and an Athlon64 3700+ (San Diego core). I have a GeForce 6600 PCI-E graphics adapter.

Whenever I attempt to play back a QAM MPEG stream using the pcHDTV 3000 tuner card I get a lot of MPEG errors. It does not matter what software I am running. Both Xine and Mplayer show problems. Even if I use a tool that captures the MPEG stream directly to a file without displaying it I still have corrupt data.

If I switch away from X and use the console instead then there is no corruption. If I capture the MPEG stream when the console is active to a file and switch back to X, the file plays back correctly. Likewise, MPlayer works fine in console mode.

I tried running the kernel with iommu=noaperture and I recompiled the kernel with it turned off and it made no difference. The other issues I read about only affected AGP and do not seem to apply to PCI-E. I also tried disabling the Silicon Image raid controller since heard it can have issues. I also disabled PEG support in the ASUS BIOS, and I am also running the latest BIOS.

All of the tools I am using and the nVidia driver are up to date.
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