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Default Re: Guild Wars free weekend

Originally Posted by Badboy_12345
no but this game is MADE that way.
All the skills ARE balanced and are the same, the difference is the they do different things they are NOT better than any other skill. Except for the "gold" ones.

If the skills you find further in the game were better then yeah it should be like it is. BUT they are NOT they just suit different playstyles. Thats why in the alpha you could choose whicever skill you want to suit your playstyle and beacuse no skill were "better" than the other just different.
Do you PVP or PVE? If you PVP I understand your complaint since unlocking skills could take time... but if you PVE I don't understand the complaint... ALL MMOs are made this way... it doesn't make sense to give you all skills and the only thing you are doing is going through the game with nothing else to work for.
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