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Default Re: Why so much hostility?

I had to go back to the first page, to see this thread started on a more serious note, and wasn't like (DD I think would remember this), something like Friday flamage; but it was all in jest.

Oh yeah; my Radeon will kick your... (The fine print, don't tell anyone it's a 9600 or it will be served lunch...)

OK, on a more serious note, sometimes it's just "in the air". Course I had been busy playing WoW lattely, so only popped in on occassion. However some discussions have gotten heated before. Election time, was one of those times as everyone's focused on the candidates, and well the rather non-issues that last year's mud slinging fest came down to.

And yes, around time of new product launches, there are peeps who like both products who come out and well... tbh, despite some of the name changes; some of the arguments I remember back from the TNT2 vs. Voodoo3 days, and when the GeForce 1 came out. The names have changed though, (for instance hardware T&L (and the well, T&L Christmas ) is no longer a matter of discussion; but there are similarities to more recent discussions I have seen. One does come to a point where it's almost not surprising to see it all hashed out (which isn't necessarily a bad thing, if it doesn't descend into the personal insults and attacks), yet again
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