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Default Re: *** Official EverQuest II Screenshot thread ***

Those gfx do look a bit nicer then EQ1 with the xpack (meh there were several, so that says almost nothing; but forgot name off top of my head to the xpack I had which added better gfx), when I played it. In those days (though they didn't get far due to crashing issues), my mains were a paladin, and a high elf conjurer or something to that effect.

All said, and while discussing gfx between EQ2 and WoW, it would be fair to mention Blizzard's own rationale for why Burning Crusade, which will introduce flying mounts, will not allow them to be used in the older continents. In making the gfx, Blizzard indicated that they had some illusiory effects (giving flying over Stormwind as an example); which if one didn't approach it on the pre-determined flight path would look like utter crap. From Blizzard's own indication, they just do not want people to see how bad it would look, so won't allow the "fly anywhere" on older continents.

The newer continent (to allow for fly anywhere mounts) will be avoiding these "short cuts" and provide better gfx I imagine.
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