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Default Hello, n00bie here, just watercooled 6800U

Hey everyone!

I just got done hooking up my system with water cooling because my 3.0E Prescott just runs way too hot.

Issue, I disconnected the fan from my video card and when I boot up, I have no video. Its an MSI 6800U AGP. Now obviously it senses there's no fan there because I have the fan hooked up now and it works fine, but what's the solution? Does it need just to see a circuit or does the card need to see some kind of resistance to work?

I remember reading about this issue somewhere but cannot find it anymore.

Preliminary temp results for CPU:
With stock CPU cooling= 80* C @ load
With Antec High Perf. cpu cooler= 83* C @ load (but cooled off extremely fast and idled at 58*)
With waterblock cooling= 57* C @ load
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