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Default Multiple OpenGL applications and NVidia

I haven't seen anything about this listed in any FAQs that I have seen. What I'm seeing is that if I run multiple applications that utilize OpenGL simultaneously, when I start more and more of them eventually all newly started apps no longer get accelerated rendering. This only happens on NVidia hardware with the NVidia proprietary driver. It does not happen with other cards, and I have not yet tested with the XF86 nv driver (I have a GeForce 3 card and will need to upgrade my RedHat 7.2 install to XFree86 4.2).

An easy way to reproduce this problem is with tuxracer. If I set my display to 1600x1200x24, and then open up 3 copies of tuxracer running windowed at 1280x1024x24, in each window all 3 will run just fine. But if I open up a fourth copy of tuxracer, it will run extremely slowly, and closing the other 3 running copies will not speed it up. It really appears to be running unaccelerated.

This isn't just a problem with tuxracer. All moderatly complex OpenGL apps appear to reach a threshold at some point. I haven't been able to find that point with simple apps like "gears" or "tunnel" yet, though. Opening lots of these apps while using NVidia's driver locks the entire system up before I get to the point were I see the above problem.

Does anyone have a clue what NVidia is doing odd with their driver? Is there any way to tune this to make it go away?

I'd really appreciate any insight that anyone has to offer.


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