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Question Tv-out with crt & tv, X crashes

Hi, I'm trying to get my Tv-out to work with my Crt-monitor and my Tv, like everyone else

First: If I use the xorg.conf attached to this post, but with the BusId uncommented - X won't start. Perhaps I've written the wrong Psi-number? I tried lspci and found something like 0000:01:00.0 and I guessed that would be PCI:1:0:0 - but I have no idea really

Second: When it crashes, my Xorg.0.log tells me the "The specified setup is not supported in this configuration". (this is the logpci.txt)

So, I read this thread and changed my crt-1 to Crt-0. This seemed to solve the setup-is-not-supported-problem, but X still won't start (this is the logpciandcrt0.txt). So I commented out the BusID bit, but keeped the new bit about crt-0. X still won't start.

I've got a hunch that this crt-0-buissiness would solve my tv-out prob if only X would start...

the Xorg0log.txt is the log when X starts, but tv-out doesn't work.

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