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Default Re: When rude people annoy the hell out of one

Oh man; some peeps More recently, well lets see

So, when Aman'Thul was down last week for the 36 hour retrofit, I created some guys on another realm. But not wanting to go back and do the same n00b quests again and so soon, I created several horde guys. Well anyhow, I now have a realm with my alliance guys, and one with my horde...

Lots of peeps from the same realm came over, and created guys of opposite factions. However, it turned into big discussions about which faction sux, some more regulars wondering what just happened... Meh, the factions aren't all that different, and tbh if one goes to play the other side, why troll?

The flip side I saw, and even after the outage, was the alliance on the second realm doing all the same stuff that the horde did on the first... I still don't get the rationale behind going to n00b zones as lvl 60, to kill off lvl 1s. It really doesn't prove who's the better player, and though one might get honor, there's really no "honor" in what amounts to taking candy from a baby...

So I'm back on Aman'Thul with my rogue, who well a friend got on his lock and summoned to Ratchet. My pally goes there at times, and all seems cool. But instantly, my rogue (was lvl 8), and all the lvl 17s want to duel... First guy, all was cool, I just declined, he greeted me, I bowed to him, all was well. The second starts making rude gestures and what not...

Umm, let me see, 9 lvls lower and in a NEUTRAL PORT, why would I want to do that? The Horde and Alliance go fighting each other in neutral territory, right in front of the Steamwheedle Cartel, and the gaurds will gank one. The Steamwheedles don't take kindely to that sorta thing Besides, I decided to go with Goblin engineering on my rogue for the bombs, weaps, and stuff. Can't exactly afford to make the goblins unhappy as a faction, if I want to learn their trade skill
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