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Originally posted by StealthHawk
um, of course it matters how programmable something is. are you forgetting that DX9 does not have fixed specs? DX9 supports PS2.0, PS2.0+, and PS3.0 officially, at least. all of these offer differing programmability, with obviously no one having PS3.0 support yet.

HLSL isn't some magic language that lets you do anything you want. it just makes programming easier.
yeah I agree and from what I understand it uses its OWN assembly language routines right? We can all understand that the routines it will use will be the standard ARB paths (just as an example I know ARB is from OGL) cause they will be the least common denominator a DX9 hw HAS to support the ARB (type ) paths. So what if nvidia has a opcode that allows it to use only once cycle and regular 3dchps use 4 diff opcodes to achieve teh same result if that opcode is not being used what is the use?

Considering the fact that NV30 is upto 2 times slower than a R300 at running standard arb paths it REQUIRES Cg. I think running HLSL will also not be that good (but I may be wrong HLSL might have optimizations or even profiles like Cg as I think (have read somewhere) Cg is not that much different from HLSL)

I hope this makes it clear what my point is.
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