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Originally posted by ChrisRay
The problem is, I wasn't comparing me and you, Most people "non Enthusiastt" people.

Heck I was chatting with a friend online yesterday (she doesnt know much about computers) And was telling me how her pentium 4 1.4 Ghz, Geforce 3 card was the top bread and butter and would last her another few years before she would have to upgrade.

The problem with enthusiasts is we make up such a small percentage of the computer market.
I AM talking about non enthusiasts. 3-4 years is longer than 2 OS cycles for MS. Even though I might be considered an enthusiast I am a student and a really poor one at that I only upgrade when i need to. I have had an Athlon 950 for about 2 years now and I am going to upgrade it soon. thats why I said 2-3 is the max. At my university they generally upgrade every 3 years (They have service contracts for 3 years so after that they usually upgrade). OEM is a very big market and they are not enthusiaists. A top of the line PC Atholon XP 2600+ can be had for around 700$ (albeit emachines) so that makes the point rather moot that people won't be upgrading as cost is the biggest issue in upgraidng. Enthusiasts will want an alienware whereas normal people would be ok with an emachines.

For Chalnoth as far as I rememebr the MSRP of ALL top of the line cards for ATI has always been $399 since Radeon and all teh retail stores like bestbuy and compus sell at the MSRP.

(sorry abt the delay in replying I had an exam today thats why I wasn't reading any replys)
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