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Default Re: Call of Duty 2 DX9 performance fixes

Originally Posted by myshkinbob
Thanks for the +exec shortcut info, i'll edit that into the original post.
Your welcome, frankly I'm surprised you didn't see that on the tweakguides.com site, but perhaps it's something they added after you read the guide. It appears it would do no good if the changes for picmip are needed with EACH map load though.

It also appears I wasn't too far off with my understanding of what you were saying reguarding picmip too:

"So, at this point I'm not understanding whether you are saying the setting itself, or changing it without a vid restart is actually doing the boosting? It appears to me it's the latter and is a result of the game being fooled by changing it without a vid restart, which may only work for Nvidia users as well. At any rate, if it's the way it's changed, rather than the setting itself, I can't see any practicality to doing that every time a level loads. If this is the case, adding +exec autoexec.cfg to the target line of the launch icon to automatically apply the settings would probably not do any good. I tend to wonder too if eventually this console changing method would have any adverse effects."

...in the above paragraph by saying "the way it's changed", I meant via the console with each map load as you'd stated, which seems too tedious to me. I have just started another game on patch 1.2 (1st time on 1.2) in Veteran trying to use as many no HUD tweaks as possible. The frame rates seem OK, but I hadn't sampled them previously to compare.

I would appreciate any help you or anyone else can give me to finish my no HUD tweak. So far I have managed to remove the compass, grenade & damage indicators, hints, and messages, via the config file. I of course removed the crosshair as well via the game menu.

I am still getting redundant tips showing onscreen like the occaisional messages saying you have more than one route option when there's more than one star on the compass. I am also still getting the friendly soldier icons and names when aiming at them, and the stance position indicator. I went to the extreme of looking through ALL the commands via a dvarlist search in the console, and don't see any commands that may relate to these remaining HUD items.

I plan on offering an autoexec.cfg no HUD tweak if I can manage to remove these last few items. After playing the game 4 times and beating it on Veteran, it's nice to add this extra challenge. It's much more realistic and makes you think more and even react to sounds more (like the clink of grenades).
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Default Re: Call of Duty 2 DX9 performance fixes

Well, ive read the whole thread and found it all to be very interesting, useless yet interesting.

Is there anyone here with a high end ATI X1000 series who can help me?
As far as I can tell none of this works for ATI cards and im tired of bad performance in DX9.

I have a X1600 pro 512mb and I still get 25 or so FPS is most areas of game at 10x768, 2aa, 4 ansio, soft smoke world only, and medium settings with extra textures.
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Default Re: Call of Duty 2 DX9 performance fixes

I don't see those settings doing anything on my system, at least I don't notice any. I just got this game and was expecting it to run like a dog from what I've read (running 1.3 patch). I am pleasantly surprised to see it actually runs quite smooth, so far no slow downs at all, no matter what's happening on the screen. 4x FSAA, 8x Aniso, 1280x1024, all max settings.

Nice game. About the only thing I can criticize is most of the time having to shoot someone twice to kill him (shoot, which knocks him down, he gets back up, have to shoot him again). That gets a little old after awhile.
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Default Re: Call of Duty 2 DX9 performance fixes

Any special tweaks for 7950 on this game? I am getting it this weekend..the game ><
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Default Re: Call of Duty 2 DX9 performance fixes

Though I originally loved this game, I don't play it anymore or own it anymore. Here's one example why.


This is "1", there are 5 current Wallhack Aimbots that completely bypass COD2 PB support. Gee, surprise there. Ah hell, here's another link

Ok, now I got 3 other ones and I reserve the worst for me since it's a private site where I keep tabs on ALL aimbot wallhacks and even get updated emails.

Don't even ask about HL2. The biggest farce in fps gaming by far. Wallhacks and aimbot gallore on there. One even has automated BHing and nade tossing.

You can tweak to your hearts content but chances are 9/10 servers you play on, even the one your buddy password protected, has a cheater on it. I thought Clans were cool and stuff until I found out the hard way in both these games.. It takes all kinds and there are lots who just don't get it.

As for COD2, if you are like me playing solo, if it doesn't have Death cam on, don't even waste your time.

The talent pool out there is just too good for you and me. lmfao.

I'm not posting this to give people what they want since anyone can easily google and find these with little effort. The fact is is, if you can't even play people on an honest playing field then why even bother. Obviously neither Valve or IW give a rats ass and obviously PB is more just a name than anti-cheat..

But I will tell you one thing. One of my contacts helps make some of these and that's how I kind of got in (just to learn what not to play, telling him I'd use them of course) and they will and have proved that come day 2 of the game being released, the cheats are updated and available.

And that's why the only real FPS I play is UT2k4. Nearly cheat free.

P.S. And for those who may want to flame this, well go ahead but some have a right to know. I have already e-mailed and continue to email these guys about these cheats but even with these known prior to the last COD2 patch, there was no fix. Valve? They don't even respond.
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Default Re: Call of Duty 2 DX9 performance fixes

Meh..i play on GA servers here in AUS..and yea u do get cheaters..but nothing you can do about it..i got over it back in orignal cs beta days..and i am over it now..people wanna cheat..fine..vac2 picks it up..great..if it dosent..who cares..nothing you can do other than play harder and beat em.
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Smile Re: Call of Duty 2 DX9 performance fixes

well bought me a 7900GTX 512mb and maxed hopefully the card and game

no slowdowns or so it was really going well on this card

so if there is any updated tweaks to amke go eve smoother and still looking good well please where can i find these in that case?
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