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museikal rtisdt
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Default Re: Crytek Powered MMORPG

Originally Posted by Parts
Not to try to derail the thread or anything, but I found WoW to seriously LACK player interaction when comparing it to other MMORPGs.

well it was the first time i played in a medium sized guild, and atm i have no-one to play with

back on topic:

looks great. apparently has the most character customization weve seen before. if you havent, you should check out some of the videos, with people flying about. looks cool
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Default Re: Crytek Powered MMORPG

monthly fee for me usually = more content eventualy and better quality,going from EQ,EQ2,WoW,DAOC to games like GW without monthly fees actualy reminded me why i pay monthly fees,higher product quality,might just have been my taste,but i was bored from my 3 hours of playing til i uninstalled it,and im a big fan of ANY RPG game games,first person,diablo clones etc...so i dont know,the game was just flat out borning.

so i dont see why ppl whine about monthly fees all the damn time,you get a product with higher quality,at least most of the time.
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Default Re: Crytek Powered MMORPG

Originally Posted by |MaguS|
Will be like all other MMORPGs since GW is not a MMORPG.
Who cares? Does it have to fit the description of the very first MMORPG ever made to be a good game? NO!

For Pete's sake, how anal do you have to be. I bet you could cram a lump coal up your rectum and by the end of a Seinfeld episode you would have a diamond. This kind of self retious ZOMG I'M ON A GEEK-OUT TRIP! drives me nuts. Shut your pie-holes and play the game.
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