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Default Re: GF6800 and new driver 9629 install prob

i don't believe this. grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr. so i go to the synapt program, the one u use in the system/admin menu, went thru it and the stuff u mentioned was installed, like make, gcc, binutil, libc6dev and so on. i rebooted just to make sure it recognized them being installed even though i made no changes there. so i follow the guide i originally was given by cambo and the vid driver installed with no problems thru the whole process. i reboot the comp again and once it gets so far, it shows nothing but a blank screen. if i hit esc, another screen shows up saying something along the lines of an error with xserv or whatever. i'm sorry but i was so pissed, i didnt take the time to write them down. i figured f' it, im just gonna re-install and start over again. well during the installation it gives me an installer error and goes no further. &#$!@R

at least for ubuntu or maybe any other distro of linux, i think they need to go to microsoft and learn something about user friendliness and usability. if linux coders would do that, well they just MIGHT put MS outta business, well to be honest, that will never happen, ever and until that time, IF it was to actually happen, they're just dust in the wind. of course you might say, 'well linux isn't a windows replacement, just an alternative.'. welp, you said it right and unfortunately for linux, that's all it will ever be.

so now im here to say, good riddance to linux of any flavor. see linux users like to bash windows because it's so unsecure and can be hacked blah blah blah, but in REALITY, security STARTS with the USER and NOT the operating system. windows may suck, but because it's user friendly and doesn't act half as much as a &@*#%$ with drivers and permissions and compatability as linux, it's NO.1 in my book and i'll give bill my money as long as he keeps it that way. if linux were up to par in those areas, then i would gladly pay for it and disown bill outright. but i just don't see it happening.

btw, i really appreciate the help you guys offered and this rant is not aimed at you
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