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Default Corruption on display using twinview...

I just got an MSI Ti4400 and driver installation was a breeze, within 10 seconds with the new installer without rtfm, My compliments!

Using driver 4349:
On Redhat 9 everything seems to be fine, but my self build system (along the lines described by www.linuxfromscratch.org) I have a problem. When i have twinview running at different resolutions, it corrupts the display after the nvidia splash screen goes, keep resolutions equal and all is fine. Configured as 2 seperate displays "AGPNoTwinView" the displays also do not corrupt.
I cannot screengrab this, xwd over ssh captures it distortion free.
(same resolutions is uncool, since they are a 17" and a 14")

The fact that it works in redhat, and not my self build seems to indicate the problem is somewhere with me, but i have no clue where to search for such a problem.

however, stepping back to 4191 the problem with twinview goes and all seems fine (not tested this in redhat) which seems to point back to the nvidia software.
I do get back another problem with this driver, it blinds my consoles while running X and after. they are responsive, i can login blindly and startx ;-)

Attached only Xf86Config since the logfiles didn't show anything wrong (just WW about resolutions), and the xwd dump also was good.
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On the console thing, are you running a framebuffer console at all? Check what's listed in /proc/fb.

If you are (if that file exists), then try turning it off by passing vga=none to your kernel at boot time. If you aren't using a framebuffer (if the file doesn't exist), try passing vga=ask or vga=788 (for 1024x768) or vga=794 (for 1280x1024). Or, look around in /usr/src/linux/Documentation for a list of the supported framebuffer resolution numbers. You'll also want to make sure that you're using the VESA VGA driver.
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No i don't run FB at all, not nv, not vesa. I compiled those all as modules so the kernel cannot load it whatever boot params i throw at it ;-)

(this part did work correctly with 4349 driver)

(running devfs)
[18:40:41][root@louise:~]# cat /proc/fb
[18:40:48][root@louise:~]# ls /dev/fb*
. ..
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