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Default Re: Xegl and Nvidia

Originally Posted by Spyke
They need to combine the Xgl server and the X server, rather then nest them, and maintain all driver compatibility in the process. Its annoying that the Xgl server cannot take advantage of nvidia-settings or any other special settings you have in xorg.conf.
Right now XGL runs ontop of a driver called Xglx which is what runs ontop of the other X server. Xglx is there because right now ATI and nVidia's opengl drivers are tied to their X drivers. When Xegl is ready it should be possible to run XGL by itself ontop of independent opengl drivers.

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Default Re: Xegl and Nvidia

There's no need to combine Xgl and X.org, nor is Xegl really necessary in any way.

With AIGLX merged, X.org will be able to do every single interesting thing that Xgl is capable of, but without needing a whole new X server, new driver architecture, or loss of support for hardware without usable Linux OpenGL drivers.
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Default Re: Xegl and Nvidia

The real innovation in Xegl is NOT the eye-candy you get with rotating cubes etc.

The real innovation is, in fact, that it proposes a new graphics driver model for linux that is cleanly layered: You've got a hardware driver, and above that you can have an X server, or any other OpenGL application.

This is why I don't support the position that NVIDIA hold in their abovementioned PDF document. OpenGL eye-candy IS JUST NOT THE POINT.

With Xegl and it's foundations, you won't be tied to X anymore as a windowing system, nor will you have to install a windowing system if you just need accelerated graphics, nor will your system crash when you switch between a framebuffer text console and the X server.
It is about time for Xegl on Linux, and the eye-candy just helps to build up some pressure by the user community on the developers and hardware vendors to define a clean interface for this...
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