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Default Nvida and vga2scart cable

Hi all,

My tv is now connected to my PC with a vga2scart cable: http://ryoandr.free.fr/english.html

I live in a PAL-land and to get a proper signal I added to my xorg.conf:
ModeLine "1024x576" 19.875 1024 1092 1140 1272 576 581 586 625 +hsync +vsync interlace composite
Option "ForceMinDotClock" "14MHz"
This produces a composite interlaced widescreen PAL-signal and my tv is happy with it.

I'm running mythtv on a debian unstable x86_64, but I have some problems.
ATI is not allowing custom modelines in the fglrx drivers, so I have to use the opensource radeon drivers. These drivers don't have xvmc.
I have tearing in some movies and it's not a cpu problem.

I'm thinking of switching to a Nvidia card. I would like to know if a Nvidia card can produce a composite interlaced signal and if the drivers are allowing a custom modeline.

I would also like to know if there are some users using this kind of setup with a nvidia card. Which card do they recommend?
I'm using right now a Radeon X300, so it has to be PCIE based.

Thanks in advance,

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Default Re: Nvida and vga2scart cable

The TV encoder on NVIDIA graphics cards is only capable of a fixed mode for each of the TV-out formats (no custom modelines).
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Default Re: Nvida and vga2scart cable

I know that the tv-out has some fixed resolutions.

But I want to use the vga port to produce such a signal. Is it possible?

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Default Re: Nvida and vga2scart cable

Note that you may cause some confusion by talking about a composite signal.
The cable that you use does not use composite video. It uses RGB, straight from the RGB pins of the VGA connector to SCART-RGB.
Hence you do not use or require TV-OUT on your card.

However, SCART-RGB expects a composite SYNC signal. The composite keyword enables that signal on VGA out.
I don't think the NVIDIA cards can do that, it seems like an ATI-specific thing.
However, you can add a small circuit to your cable to combine HSYNC and VSYNC into a composite sync signal.

With all that in place, there really is no special requirement on the videocard or driver. It may be that you need to add some magic options to the config file to turn off some of the ever increasing number of "sanity checks" in the NVIDIA driver that tend to disallow special modelines.
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Default Re: Nvida and vga2scart cable

Nvidia cards can't produce the composite sync signal. If you make a small change to the cable you can use it with an Nvidia card as well. You need to add a small circuit consisting of a transistor and some resistors to recreate the composite sync signal from some other signals. There are some scart topics on this forum which link to that page.
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