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Default Looking for a new game.

I'm relatively new to mmo's but I enjoy them quite a bit.

I am mostly interested in PvE and raiding but I like to pvp a little as well.

I should probably add that I've already tried WoW but I'm looking for something else.
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Default Re: Looking for a new game.

EverQuest 2 of course

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Default Re: Looking for a new game.

Everquest 1 on the Combine or Sleeper server. Its 100% new, no expansions required in the beginning since they are locked. There are tons of people playing and it returns the original "new" feeling that the game had when it originally launched.
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Default Re: Looking for a new game.

Like many of you im Just sitting bored and searching for a new games, I came across this new Space game thats called Emperium - Online looks very promising.

Its being made in Russia, and the Dev team are always talking to the forum people & answering questions usually every Friday - but what might be the coolest thing is that capitol ships will be multi player, you also can get out of your ship in space stations and do FPS there as well. this game seems to be unique in many cases - kinda like a cross between E & B and Eve online, so I got on the forum which just started recently, there going to start testing with in a few weeks and it was stated by the Dev's that active forum members that have experience with space mmo's will be in on the action to give them feed back on it - now theres no guarantee you'll get in on the first test run but getting in now and voicing your opinions will help create the game you want to play- this will be pre alpha testing were told so we can literally shape how the game works.

If any thing you should go check out the forums and see if its for you, I know I was bored as heck and this just might open up possibilities!

Heres a short Video link of the game, its just a quick look they put out for us to see, and we were reminded that its not a finished, but just so we can see where they are in development.
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Default Re: Looking for a new game.

Originally Posted by howslife
here's a few suggestions:

shadow of souls

These two games are similar in some ways, they both involve having to train skills to level up and become more powerful than most etc.... you will enjoy them, give them a try
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Default Re: Looking for a new game.

guild wars is great for pve. it doesnt take 50 years to accomplish anything like everquest and wow do.
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Default Re: Looking for a new game.

lol, someone with 1 post is looking for a new game....Few replies later someone with 2 posts just might have that game for the OP. (pirate)
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Default Re: Looking for a new game.

I promote Eudemons Onlie ^^.
U might enjoy it. Its a nice game and free to play. Anyway try it, cos it cost u nothing but time.

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Default Re: Looking for a new game.

Originally Posted by MOTÖRHEAD
Is this how low life scum collect emails to spam people with ? I should report you.
what? whats wrong with those games Im playing londinivm and some others like that myself...
I love playing those kind of games at work.. makes the time go faster
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Default Re: Looking for a new game.

Well here's a game I think is quite enjoyable: Goonzu Online ( global.goonzu.com ) it orginated in Korea. It's free to play with some interesting concepts (it's anime though, if that matters). I enjoy the politics and free to play also with additional special items at a shop. Anyhow it's fun if I'm not allowed advertising then oh well (but theother guy did it) of course unless it's things like: put the name ThisIsNew in a suggestion box is not allowed (jusst ignore that). Well yeah (sorry about the looong post).
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Default Check this game out for all you MMORPG lovers out there ^^

Why L2Now.com ?
The dedication, it has to be the dedication, while the player count is currently not as high as the top 5 servers on the ranking boards, it will be one day. The GMs actually care about the players and what they think, every week they even go around asking if people think it can be improved in any ways at all, players have an input in how the server develops.

What's so good about L2Now.com ?
Stability, definitely, I myself used to play on a server that crashed every 4 hours that was running official software, that's just annoying, especially if you are sieging. The features are up there too, everything you expect of a Full C4 server and more, as well as C5 is currently being worked on.

Can L2Now.com do it ?
Of course, we have the resources to keep up the monthly payments for the beast of the machine, we have the time as well as the right attitudes and don't forget, we love L2 as much as you. Shapan!

Why Play L2Now.com ?
Because it's Fun.

L2NOW :: Welcome

L2NOW.com Rates


A Preview of a Few Features
Running Retail Style C4
Subclasses and 3rd Classes
Auto SS
Customised Luxury Store
Some C5 Sub Features.

Server Specs
Dedicated Linux Server Web server

Dedicated Windows Server - Game Server
3.8GHz Dual Core
100mbit Connection

Main page [http://www.l2now.com]
Registration [http://l2now.com/l2panel/register.php]
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