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Default Multithreading opengl?

I have a question.

I'm using Compiz 0.3.4 on Ubuntu 6.10. I play World of Warcraft alot in Cedega.

I've noticed that if I do something like move the cube that desktops get drawn onto, my cpu usage goes up a little bit. If I've been running wow for a while, then my cpu goes up alot more. I'm on an smp machine, and it eats up as much of it can of a single core. That might be understandable I guess, doing whatever it does must consume cpu -- although it only does this when I am reorienting the cube. If I move it and hold it at an odd angle, that doesn't take up cpu anymore.

The thing that is strange, is that I've noticed that the wine process, then xorg and the wine process never leave the same cpu. The other cpu is totally free.. but things are slowing down a bit because wine and xorg are both fighting over one cpu. It might be worth noting that the xorg process is eating cpu, not the compiz process. I'm thinking maybe its because wow has consumed most of my video memory, so xorg is shoveling stuff in and out.

Why is it inseparable from the wine process though? I'm guessing maybe its because they are both using opengl and there is some common entrypoint along the way there that has to sit on a single cpu -- but I don't really know about that stuff.

I'm pretty sure my system is set up right, because other than this little nit (which is impractical anyway.. I'm just fooling around with my desktops looking at it, its not actually IMPORTANT) wow and compiz both perform just fine.
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