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Cool Dualhead WITHOUT TwinView ????

Hi there!

I'm having the following problem:
I managed to configure my system with 2 separate desktops for use with two CRT monitors on my GeForce MX 440. The driver I used was from the 60 series. Then I upgraded the driver and that worked with NVIDIA driver 8178 at most. Anything newer than that failed to work for me, or at least to say - no with two separate desktops. And I do NOT want to use TwinView.
So I sticked with 8178 for a while, but now that 90's is available, I decided to ask for help.

I've attached dmesg output, lspci output, Xorg logs for the working and not working driver, along with the Xorg.conf file used.

Thanks in advance!
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File Type: log Xorg.8178.log (32.5 KB, 87 views)
File Type: log Xorg.9631.log (17.7 KB, 85 views)
File Type: txt xorg.conf.txt (4.4 KB, 84 views)
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Default Re: Dualhead WITHOUT TwinView ????

The problem is:
(EE) NVIDIA(1): Unable to find available Display Devices for screen 1.

This problem also existed in 1.0-8178, however due to a bug in the driver, you were able to get away with it anyway. You should be specifying:
Option "ConnectedMonitor" "CRT"

rather than naming specific CRTs, since only one is detected. If you need further assistance, please generate and attach an nvidia-bug-report.log.

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Default Re: Dualhead WITHOUT TwinView ????

Thanks for the reply.

I solved my problem with a little play with the "Option"s used.
The driver really didn't detect my second CRT, because the first monitor I use is EDID capable, but the second isn't.

In the xorg.conf I attached in my first post you may find that I use the "ConnectedMonitor" option - well, when I replaced that with "UseDisplayDevice" followed by the same monitor names - CRT-0 and CRT-1, in the appropriate sections, my multiple displays setup is back.

The problem really is in the arrangement of the displays - I wanted my 17" monitor to be connected to the D-SUB connector, for comfort accross the multiple OSes installed on my machine. The above option provided a way for me to specify which monitor should be first, and which - second. On the NON-EDID monitor I used Option "UseEDID" "FALSE" though.

Anyway - thanks!
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