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Default e6600 lowest voltage necessary for 3.4 Ghz

I'm curious as to what would the lowest stable voltage be for an e6600 OC'd to 3.4 GHz. I'm using 1.325v at the moment.
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Default Re: e6600 lowest voltage necessary for 3.4 Ghz

I am starting to think that it is just best to put Vcore on auto and let it decide. As soon as I finish downloading Steam I am gonna try it at 3.3. I did try it when running 3.15 and was able to run games such as FEAR and Oblivion with no problems.
I think I am having some NB heat problems at the moment running 9*367 as 3 minutes is about all I can get running Orthos. So I need to reset the NB heatsink or change it out. I have a HR-05 SLI heatsink coming in later next week so I think I will just wait for it.
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Default Re: e6600 lowest voltage necessary for 3.4 Ghz

Trial and error, every chip is different.
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Default Re: e6600 lowest voltage necessary for 3.4 Ghz

The lowest stable voltage is the lowest you can set on your computer and have it stable. Because at 1.3v it may be stable for you, but the next person might need 1.4v for it to be stable. Even tho it's the same chip. No two chips are 100% exactly the same.
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