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Default Ditch those Proprietary Xbox360 AV cables!

With Xbox360 cables selling for well over $40 each finding a way to use standard component, composite or VGA cables might be something you guys are interested in. Take a look at THIS new apparatus being pimped by Cooler King.

Here is a better picture: http://www.engadget.com/2007/01/27/g...ubs-its-ports/
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Default Re: Ditch those Proprietary Xbox360 AV cables!

They're selling that gadget for US$35. MS' X360 component cable retails for $30, the VGA for $40. Edit: OK, maybe it doesn't make zero sense to buy it, as having the extra USB ports could be useful. Still, unless this thing were $20 or so, there's not much reason to buy one.
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Default Re: Ditch those Proprietary Xbox360 AV cables!

Even if my premium package didn't come with the component cables, I would still go buy them over buying something like this. For one, you have to buy this, then buy the AV cables anyways. For two, after all the "fun" people had with the Intercooler, I wouldn't be touching anything like this with a ten foot pole. For three, my 360 happens to run fine with stock cooling, so why add even more fan noise? Lastly, I would much rather stick with branded Microsoft accessories so that in the unfortunate event of something going wrong, it's only one company I have to deal with to get a new 360.
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Default Re: Ditch those Proprietary Xbox360 AV cables!

i wonder if the cooler actually works. probably not.
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Default Re: Ditch those Proprietary Xbox360 AV cables!

I am not impressed. First that cooler would worry me, probably does more harm than good. Second, 360 already comes with component cables (premium) and I got my VGA cable for like 10 bucks from ebay.
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Default Re: Ditch those Proprietary Xbox360 AV cables!

It's a bit too cheap for what it offers.

Though I'm a bit skeptic about its quality, I think it's a great addon for people looking to integrate the Xbox 360 into an existing media center.
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Default Re: Ditch those Proprietary Xbox360 AV cables!

Two words: Play - Asia.

360 vga cable with optical out $8.90

360 vga cable without optical out $6.90

360 component cable with optical out $8.90

360 component multi av cable $6.90
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