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Default DS Lite and Wii Connectivity connection

Since i am leaving my job here at CompUSA tomorrow, I'm thinking about buying myself a gift. I have heard rumblings of the Wii and DS connecting. Well, it would be about $120 for a DS with my employee discount.

Should I get one? I have a GameBoy Micro already, but its hard to pass up the chance to connect the DS and the Wii.
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Default Re: DS Lite and Wii Connectivity connection

No connectivity yet. Word is that pokemon will support connectivity, if thats your thing. Could very well end up being just pokemon too. Nintendos connectivity attempts have been...abortive at best. It could end up just being 2 or 3 games. Supposedly you'll be able to download DS demos to your Wii and transmit them to your DS, that could be cool, if it ever happened.

I strongly suggest you get a DS anyways though. I love it. Final Fantasy III DS, Elite Beat Agents, Hotel Dusk, Phoenix Wright, there are just so many good games. Seriously, it has as good a game library being built up now as the PS2 had in its day. Several good games coming out each month.
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